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Happy Day parents and students.

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MELT binder: in this binder you will find many sheets that are in sleeves and several that are in the back pocket. The ones in the back pocket we will not be using right now, the ones I placed in sleeves we will be using mostly beginning the second week of school. There is also a packet of SEL materials that will used by our school counselor with your students. I have also placed a sheet of kindergarten goals that I thought maybe helpful for you to see what we will accomplish this year. 

Learning bag: in this bag you will find a calendar math folder that has a sheet that is in a sleeve, this is for your student to write on every morning during calendar math with a dry erase marker. It should be easily erased and ready for the next day. There is also several sheets with tens frames on them, this is how we will keep track of our "days in school" and also help us count every day. Please do not allow your child to color in any more squares than the day we are doing together. In this bag your child should have everything they need for school: pencils, markers, a dry erase board, writing folder with paper, glue stick, crayons, cubes, counters and a pencil sharpeners. In the writing folder there is a list of the sight words we will begin the third week of school. Please use  index cards to make flash cards with the words if you would like to do that.  I will go over this with your students but I also wanted to share it with you.  Remember the things in the bag are not toys and are only to be used for school and only when instructed.